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Jan Barboglio

The Jan Barboglio Collection is designed by Jan Barboglio and forged and hand-finished in her native Mexico. Combining heavy iron, stone, glass, silver, mortar, cement, leather and other magical mixes of both humble and elegant materials, all of her works are sensuous to the hand. The patina of many of these pieces emulate the smooth surface of an old rough-ridden leather saddle. The collection is also notable for its furniture, often mixing heavy woods and stone.  

Each piece is tooled and hand cut, adding a tangible authenticity to the finished product.  Through this attention to detail in the ongoing evolution of her collection,  Barboglio has stayed true to her belief that everyday living should always be easy, useful and magical.   As the result,  Jan Barboglio has forged a collection which now ranks among one of the most beloved and collected for quality and style.

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